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Culture Co., Ltd. is located in Anhui Xuan Yan, "Yan Xuan China Town" white, Xuancheng City, Anhui Province town of Jingde County, is the only one set Xuan Yan production, research and development as an integrated professional development of cultural enterprises. Founded in October 2012, Yan Xuan exclusive Longtanshan veins resources to revitalize the ages Ming Yan responsibility, firmly relying Xuancheng "four treasures of the town" and declared cultural emblem of the unique advantages of the same root, high investment, high starting point, high quality manner Xuan Yan old design and production, research and development and promotion of the protect ...

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    • The Chinese XuanYan appearance of 35 national four treasures exhibition
    • Academician product XuanYan
    • CPPCC Vice Chairman Ma Biao rate member delegation to inspect Jing County

    Address: continuous DE xuan city county in anhui province water town industrial clusters 1

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